::(in situ):: call for artist proposals

"The construction of situations begins on the other side of the modern collapse of the idea of the theatre. It is easy to see to what extent the very principle of the theatre - non intervention - is attached to the alienation of the old world. Inversely, we see how the most valid of revolutionary cultural explorations have sought to...incite this spectator into activity by provoking his capacities to revolutionize his own life. The situation is thus made to be lived by it's constructors." - Guy Debord, Towards a Situationist International, 1957

(in situ) is an exploration, Situation, and "anti-gallery". Artists and architects are invited to apply to participate via a site-specific, multi-room intervention located in Philadelphia. (in situ) will be housed in an endangered, late 19th century building containing many dynamic spaces that vary in scale and former use. Work may be collaborative or individual, and is encouraged to utilize materials and structures found on site. Proposals may include (but are not limited to) installation, performance art, visual art, audio/video, and interactive/ participatory art.

Artists should consider how their proposed intervention:

responds to a physical or conceptual element of the site 
creates an experience 
is ephemeral as a situation 
affects/is affected by environment over time

(in situ) guests will be given a map to get to the location and navigate through the building to the various interventions. The location of (in situ) will be revealed to guests 24 hours prior via email.

To apply, send an initial brief statement of intent or interest, and a link to your portfolio or attached images of relevant work to gedoproject@gmail.com before June 20th. Please put (in situ) in the subject line. Selected applicants will be emailed a package with locational directions, photo documentation, and measured diagrams of the site. A complete proposal including a sketch or rendering and a more detailed project description is due by July 1st.

Date TBD.


Assemblages Artists Announced!

"Assemblages" is an exhibit featuring artists who employ mixed media and reclaimed or found materials in their work.

Opening: (1st) Friday, March 4th. Expect music, food, beer, and an awesomely eclectic show. 5pm-10(ish).

Open to the public by appointment through March. Contact gedoproject@gmail.com. Closing party Saturday, March 26th, 12-6pm with live ice sculpture competition!

Location: Philadelphia Salvage- a new architectural salvage store/art gallery.
542 Carpenter Lane. Across from Weaver's Way Food Co-op, Mount Airy.

Exhibiting Artists:

Stephen Haigh- Assemblage and mixed media painting

Lydia Trott- Woven rugs

Ann Keech- Assemblage

Gaby Heit- Mixed Media Drawings

Tyler Anywalt- Collage

Monk E. Burnswell- Metal Sculpture and Assemblage

Susan Maloney- Assemblage

Elise Weiler- Assemblage

Karen Spears- Mixed Media Paintings

Regina Barthmaier- Mixed Media Sculpture

Alex Winthrop- Film Assemblage

Terry McCall- Gearforms Mirrors and Furniture

Kirsten Zippo- Assemblage

Hosted by the
Stock Group

"Assemblages" is produced by GEDŌ, a traveling gallery and non-profit organization based in Philadelphia.

Photo of artwork by Stephen Haigh


"Assemblages"- CALL FOR ENTRIES!!!

"Assemblages" will be a unique exhibit in a 6000 sq.ft. warehouse space that is slated to be re-opened as an architectural antiques shop/art gallery in the near future.

We invite artists to submit works of (but not limited to) assemblage, multi-media, collage, sculpture, jewelry, or furniture. We highly encourage works that use reclaimed/ salvaged/ repurposed materials.

Deadline for digital submission:
Friday, February 11th, 2011

Opening Reception: First Friday, March 4th, 2011 @ 5pm

Location: 542 Carpenter Lane (across from Weaver's Way Food Co-op)

How to submit: Email a link to your work or attached images and brief statement to: (
gedoproject@gmail.com) Please make the subject: YOURNAME_Assemblages



Thank you to all who attended, volunteered, submitted artwork, bought artwork, sponsored, and gave us words of encouragement and support! We had an attendance of nearly 200 people, sold 18 pieces of artwork at auction, and raised a few thousand dollars for artists and the Preservation Alliance! We’re already looking forward to an ENDANGEREDCITY 2011 due to all the positive response we received from artists, attendees, arts organizations, the media, sponsors, and friends.

In addition, GEDŌ will be hosting a variety of other events throughout the year, including a First Friday opening in March, a special addition to The Trenton Ave. Arts Festival in May, Philly Open Studio Tours in October, and more! We are also in the process of expanding our team, starting up a new website, and applying for arts grants so that we can continue doing even bigger and better things in Philadelphia.

“The enemy of movement is skepticism. Everything that has been realized comes from dynamism, which comes from spontaneity.” - Anonymous graffiti, Paris 1968

Have an amazing year!


Photo By Jason Flax of Jibe Design, a participating artist.




By partnering with GEDŌ as a sponsor for the first annual ENDANGEREDCITY, you or your business would be participating in an innovative event that promises to gain an even greater following in future years. This is an opportunity to give back to the Philadelphia community while having your presence at a benefit event which supports local artists, celebrates our cultural past, present, and future, and helps to protect the wonderful historical architecture in our city.

Individual or Business (Minimum $100 Donation)

  • Invitation to the ENDANGEREDCITY VIP auction preview/cocktail hour for sponsors and artists
  • Complimentary entrance to ENDANGEREDCITY
  • Listed as a contributor on our Sponsors board at ENDANGEREDCITY
  • One year membership to The Preservation Alliance ($35 Value)

All donations are tax deductible.

For the appropriate forms and information regarding the addressing of checks, contact Adam Piazza at piazza.adam@yahoo.com.



A Benefit for The Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia

Submission Deadline: November 15th
Opening Reception: December 10th

Globe Dye Works, Philadelphia

We live in a beautiful, precious, and endangered city; one that is rich with significant and profane historical architecture. It can easily become just another part of the visual background as we move about our lives. For many, the architectural relics Philadelphia possesses
are sources of great inspiration. They give us creative and adventurous energy. They remind us to have integrity in our work. They drive us to explore. Our collective past as a city, and as a culture, is embedded in and experienced through our physical history. It is imperative to celebrate and protect these places.

The intent of this show is trifold: to deliver a challenge to local artists, architects, historians, and urban explorers to express the inherent inspiration to be found in Philadelphia's physical history; to encourage public awareness of endangered historic architecture; and to donate 50% of proceeds from sold artwork to
The Preservation Alliance's Advocacy Fund. Artworks will be bid on through a silent auction during the opening reception.

The mission of the Preservation Alliance is to actively promote the appreciation, protection, and appropriate use and development of the Philadelphia region’s historic buildings, communities and landscapes. The Alliance's advocacy efforts involve confronting and challenging development proposals that require the demolition of a historic property or affect a historic neighborhood, as well as pro-active advocacy -- obtaining legal protection for historic properties, negotiating with developers, and writing nominations for historic designation.

Submissions may relate to a building that is either on any of The Preservation Alliance's "Endangered Properties Lists", a historically significant building that has been demolished or will soon be demolished (particularly encouraged) in the Philadelphia region, or any historical building(s), neighborhood, landscape, detail, or space which resonates with the artist.

Event attendees will be given one vote for their favorite piece in the show. The artist of the highest voted piece will be featured by the Preservation Alliance on their website and in e-newsletters for one full year. In addition, each artist whom is entered into the show will receive a year-long membership to the Preservation Alliance. The show will be held in a 3000 square foot industrial space at Globe Dye Works, an emerging creative community in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia.

All media accepted. Please send links to work or no more than (3) images at (150)dpi to kirsten.ide@gmail.com with "EndangeredCity_YOURNAME" in the subject line. Submissions should include a brief personal statement about yourself, the inspiration for the work, and why preserving Philadelphia's historic architecture matters to you.


who is GEDŌ ?

GEDŌ is a traveling gallery and artist collective based in Philadelphia. Inspired by the Situationist International Movement of the 1960's, GEDŌ was founded in 2010 by recent Tyler Architecture graduates Adam Piazza and Kirsten Ide. Our mission is to unite the worlds of urban exploration, art, architecture, and activism through collaborative events and installations.