::(in situ):: call for artist proposals

"The construction of situations begins on the other side of the modern collapse of the idea of the theatre. It is easy to see to what extent the very principle of the theatre - non intervention - is attached to the alienation of the old world. Inversely, we see how the most valid of revolutionary cultural explorations have sought to...incite this spectator into activity by provoking his capacities to revolutionize his own life. The situation is thus made to be lived by it's constructors." - Guy Debord, Towards a Situationist International, 1957

(in situ) is an exploration, Situation, and "anti-gallery". Artists and architects are invited to apply to participate via a site-specific, multi-room intervention located in Philadelphia. (in situ) will be housed in an endangered, late 19th century building containing many dynamic spaces that vary in scale and former use. Work may be collaborative or individual, and is encouraged to utilize materials and structures found on site. Proposals may include (but are not limited to) installation, performance art, visual art, audio/video, and interactive/ participatory art.

Artists should consider how their proposed intervention:

responds to a physical or conceptual element of the site 
creates an experience 
is ephemeral as a situation 
affects/is affected by environment over time

(in situ) guests will be given a map to get to the location and navigate through the building to the various interventions. The location of (in situ) will be revealed to guests 24 hours prior via email.

To apply, send an initial brief statement of intent or interest, and a link to your portfolio or attached images of relevant work to gedoproject@gmail.com before June 20th. Please put (in situ) in the subject line. Selected applicants will be emailed a package with locational directions, photo documentation, and measured diagrams of the site. A complete proposal including a sketch or rendering and a more detailed project description is due by July 1st.

Date TBD.